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windshield wipers

Windshield wiper care: 101

Windshield wipers are essential in bad weather conditions such as winter storms. If your car’s wipers are not in good condition, you’ll have trouble with visibility while you’re driving.

Living in an area that gets ice and snow during the winter months usually means dealing with a frozen windshield from time to time. Some car owners raise their windshield wipers before a winter storm so their blades don’t freeze. Doing so seems like a good idea — you keep them from freezing against the windshield. After the storm, scraping the window is easy because the blades are out of the way.

What you may not know is that raising the wipers for more than the minute or two it takes to inspect or change the blades can be destructive to the wipers in the long run. The wiper mechanism contains a spring typically pulls the blade against the windshield. When the spring is fully stretched for periods longer than a few minutes, the spring will eventually become stretched.

Once you stretch out that spring, the wiper arm can no longer provide proper pressure against the windshield, causing poor wipe quality. Also, when the wiper arm is in the up position, it is not stable and can easily slam down onto the windshield due to the force of the spring. This force can pull the wiper blade back to the windshield hard enough to crack the glass.

Here are a few other options:

Wrap/cover the blades

Cover your wiper blades with a waterproof material such as a plastic grocery bag or piece of tarp. The cover will prevent them from freezing to the windshield.

Use a de-icer

Wiper blades freezing to the windshield won’t be a problem if you use a de-icer. You can even get de-icing wiper fluid, which can make getting frost off your windshield a breeze.

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